BEST AGV Solution
BEST AGV Solution
Our AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) solution service at BEST SOFTWARE is designed to revolutionize your warehouse operations through intelligent automation.
We provide a wide range of AGV models with advanced sensors and navigation systems to automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks such as material handling, picking, sorting, and transportation. Our AGV solutions enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety within your warehouse environment.

With our AGV solution service, experience seamless integration of automated vehicles into your operations, allowing for faster order fulfillment, reduced labor costs, and increased overall productivity. Trust our AGV expertise to transform your warehouse into a highly efficient and automated ecosystem.
Special Features
High Accuracy
Labor Cost Savings
Increased Efficiency
24/7 Operation
Task Prioritization
BEST AGV Solutions Feature
Smart Fleet Management
  • Efficiently manage and control a fleet of AGVs from a centralized interface.
Dynamic Path Planning
  • AGVs navigate dynamically, adapting to real-time warehouse conditions and avoiding obstacles.
Integration Capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate AGVs with existing warehouse management systems for enhanced automation.
Task Prioritization
  • Prioritize tasks for AGVs based on urgency and warehouse requirements.
Automated Charging
  • AGVs autonomously charge their batteries when required, ensuring continuous operation.
Zone Control
  • Define specific zones and paths for AGV operations to optimize traffic flow.
Load Handling Options
  • AGVs are equipped with various load-handling mechanisms, catering to different product types.
  • AGVs can work in collaboration with human workers and other automated systems for efficient warehouse operations.
Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • AGVs come with comprehensive diagnostics to detect and address issues promptly.
Automated Inventory Management
  • AGVs can be integrated with inventory systems to track and manage stock levels efficiently.
BEST AGV Solution
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What our customer say
EZSHOP ERP hỗ trợ khách hàng MINISO
Business Development Manager

MINISO is a multi-channel, multinational, multi-platform sales unit both online and offline. Due to many difficulties in managing data and coordinating with third-party carriers. After putting EZSHOP ERP into use, we can see the effectiveness from the first month, because multi-channel and multinational data are clearly statistically and reported on the system. Process orders faster due to built-in integration with many global warehouse systems and transportation units. This helps us save time, manpower, and significantly improve work efficiency.

How QUICK WMS supports Midea
Warehouse Manager

Media uses a 3PL warehouse to distribute B2B and B2C electronics with more than 800 SKUs in stock, about 2000 orders per day. Due to the high value of goods, we always pay attention to inventory accuracy and strictly manage goods issues. We have carefully selected and put QUICK WMS into operation, and the system has promoted its smart, accurate functions and stability throughout the use process, especially with automatic abnormal warnings from The system helps us solve problems as soon as they arise, helping us manage goods more effectively.

Procter & Gamble
How BEST TMS supports P&G
Operation Director

After using the BEST TMS system for 6 months, we are really impressed with the stability and efficiency in work that it brings. Specifically, optimizing the vehicle dispatching time previously required 6 hours. Currently, the smart system automatically divides the vehicle dispatching problem based on the distance traveled, helping to significantly save time and business costs.