BEST TMS is a comprehensive transportation management system that helps businesses of all sizes streamline and optimize their transportation operations.
BEST TMS is a comprehensive software designed to streamline and optimize all aspects of transportation operations for businesses of all sizes. From logistics companies to supply chain management, our TMS empowers organizations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
Special Features
For drivers, customers, car owners
Saving dispatch time
Saving transportation costs
AI smart dispatch
Journey monitoring
Abnormal alert
Smart Transportation Management Solutions
Centralized Dashboard
  • A smart TMS should offer a user-friendly, centralized dashboard to provide real-time visibility and control over transportation activities.
Freight Rate Management
  • Optimize routes and loads to minimize empty miles, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance resource utilization.
Routing and Optimization
  • Optimize routes and loads to minimize empty miles, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance resource utilization.
Carrier Management
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of carriers, track their performance, and foster strong partnerships for seamless collaboration.
Warehouse Integration
  • Integrate with warehouse systems to enable smooth coordination between transportation and warehousing activities.
Document Management
  • Digitize and manage shipping documents, invoices, and bills of lading to streamline operations and reduce paperwork.
Real-Time Tracking
  • Offer GPS tracking and real-time status updates to monitor shipments throughout their journey.
Analytics and Reporting
  • Provide insightful analytics and customizable reports to identify trends, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions.
Risk Management
  • Mitigate risks associated with transportation through proactive identification and contingency planning.
Automated Alerts and Notifications
  • Send automated alerts and notifications to stakeholders regarding shipment status, dispatch coverage location, shipment delays, or other critical events.
Mobile Accessibility
  • Facilitate on-the-go management with a mobile-friendly interface accessible from smartphones and tablets.
EDI Integration
  • Seamlessly exchange data with partners, customers, and carriers using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Utilize AI and ML algorithms to predict demand, optimize routing, and continuously improve the TMS's performance.
Ai Space Optimization
  • Our TMS uses AI to efficiently arrange and maximize the container's space, determining the ideal quantity of stock to load inside. This streamlines operations, cuts costs, and promotes sustainability.
More than 2000+ customers have trusted and cooperated with us
More than 2000+ customers have trusted and cooperated with us
BEST TMS explanation
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What our customer say
EZSHOP ERP hỗ trợ khách hàng MINISO
Business Development Manager

MINISO is a multi-channel, multinational, multi-platform sales unit both online and offline. Due to many difficulties in managing data and coordinating with third-party carriers. After putting EZSHOP ERP into use, we can see the effectiveness from the first month, because multi-channel and multinational data are clearly statistically and reported on the system. Process orders faster due to built-in integration with many global warehouse systems and transportation units. This helps us save time, manpower, and significantly improve work efficiency.

How QUICK WMS supports Midea
Warehouse Manager

Media uses a 3PL warehouse to distribute B2B and B2C electronics with more than 800 SKUs in stock, about 2000 orders per day. Due to the high value of goods, we always pay attention to inventory accuracy and strictly manage goods issues. We have carefully selected and put QUICK WMS into operation, and the system has promoted its smart, accurate functions and stability throughout the use process, especially with automatic abnormal warnings from The system helps us solve problems as soon as they arise, helping us manage goods more effectively.

Procter & Gamble
How BEST TMS supports P&G
Operation Director

After using the BEST TMS system for 6 months, we are really impressed with the stability and efficiency in work that it brings. Specifically, optimizing the vehicle dispatching time previously required 6 hours. Currently, the smart system automatically divides the vehicle dispatching problem based on the distance traveled, helping to significantly save time and business costs.