EZSHOP ERP is an order management system that gathers orders from all global e-commerce sites, and track each order order as it is delivered to buyer
It provides specialized functionalities and tools that streamline cross-border operations, enabling businesses to navigate complex regulatory requirements, optimize logistics, and enhance customer experiences. Cross-Border EZSHOP ERP, the comprehensive ERP system tailored to empower businesses venturing into the world of cross-border ecommerce. With seamless integration with leading global platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok, Qoo10, Tokopedia, Walmart, Amazon and more.
Track goods in real time on a giant synchronized network
global e-commerce platform
global warehouse system
global transportation system
Intelligently split and merge orders
Multi-warehouse system synchronization
Comprehensive cost management
Powerful functions revolutionize your cross-border e-commerce journey
Multichannel Integration
  • Connect and manage your online stores across multiple platforms from a single centralized system, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your operations.
Order Management
  • Effortlessly handle your cross-border orders, from placement to fulfillment, with automated workflows, real-time updates, and efficient order tracking.
Inventory Control
  • Gain complete visibility and control over your inventory across various platforms, preventing overselling or stockouts, and optimizing stock levels for maximum profitability.
Warehouse Management
  • Streamline your warehouse operations with advanced features such as inventory tracking, order allocation, and optimized storage to ensure fast and accurate order fulfillment.
Shipping and Logistics
  • Simplify the complex cross-border shipping process with integrated shipping solutions, automatic label generation, and tracking capabilities, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries.
  • Facilitate referral scheme models with EZSHOP built-in drop shipping feature, enabling businesses to seamlessly manage product sourcing, order routing, and tracking for improved customer experience.
Product Listing Management
  • Efficiently manage your product listings across multiple platforms, including automated synchronization of product details, pricing, and inventory levels.
Financial Management
  • Streamline financial processes with integrated accounting functionalities, including invoicing, payment tracking, and financial reporting, ensuring accurate and transparent financial records.
Analytics and Reporting
  • Leverage comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to gain valuable insights into your cross-border ecommerce performance, identify trends, ads spend record, orders sales report and make data-driven decisions for growth.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with robust CRM features, enabling personalized communication, order history tracking, and targeted marketing campaigns.
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What our customer say
EZSHOP ERP hỗ trợ khách hàng MINISO
Business Development Manager

MINISO is a multi-channel, multinational, multi-platform sales unit both online and offline. Due to many difficulties in managing data and coordinating with third-party carriers. After putting EZSHOP ERP into use, we can see the effectiveness from the first month, because multi-channel and multinational data are clearly statistically and reported on the system. Process orders faster due to built-in integration with many global warehouse systems and transportation units. This helps us save time, manpower, and significantly improve work efficiency.

How QUICK WMS supports Midea
Warehouse Manager

Media uses a 3PL warehouse to distribute B2B and B2C electronics with more than 800 SKUs in stock, about 2000 orders per day. Due to the high value of goods, we always pay attention to inventory accuracy and strictly manage goods issues. We have carefully selected and put QUICK WMS into operation, and the system has promoted its smart, accurate functions and stability throughout the use process, especially with automatic abnormal warnings from The system helps us solve problems as soon as they arise, helping us manage goods more effectively.

Procter & Gamble
How BEST TMS supports P&G
Operation Director

After using the BEST TMS system for 6 months, we are really impressed with the stability and efficiency in work that it brings. Specifically, optimizing the vehicle dispatching time previously required 6 hours. Currently, the smart system automatically divides the vehicle dispatching problem based on the distance traveled, helping to significantly save time and business costs.